HD20 Projector

Optoma HD20

HD20 Projector

HD20 Projector is a great projecor with good performance and the affordable price.

It's a great projector at a price that many LCD TV's can't match. It has a razor sharp effect that is amazing on a large screen. The sharp, clear picture makes it much more desirable than a 40" LCD.


It was easy to install overhead because of its light weight and the setup was fairly quick.


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The New HD20 Offers High Definition Performance for Under $1000
The HD20 operates at a native 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), while it also is compatible with most computer formats, such as UXGA, WXGA, SXGA+, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA resized, VESA, PC and Macintosh It can also accept common global video inputs and video formats up to 1080p (HDTV, EDTV, SDTV, NTSC, PAL, SECAM). Like all Optoma projectors, the DLP engine operates without filters, keeping ownership and maintenance costs low while ensuring consistent performance throughout the projector’s life. The projection lamp is rated to last up to 4000 hours in standard mode or 3000 hours in bright mode. The HD20 also incorporates a rapid shutdown feature that further reduces ownership costs, and it comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty, with the lamp being covered for 90 days.

HD20 Features:
The Optoma HD20 features native 1080P resolution for the sharpest and brightest picture available, it is ideal for watching all type of video including: movies, sports and gaming. With 1700 ANSI lumens of brightness, the HD20 will fill your home theater room with bright, vivid, lifelike images as large as 300 diagonal inches with high contrast ratio. The HD20 is the perfect choice for parties, family entertainment or any gatherings.

HD20 Projector

DLP Projectors with BrilliantColor technology feature multi-color processing to produce stunning, vibrant colors on the screen. Unlike other technologies which use just 3 primary colors to produce the image, DLP Technology with BrilliantColor uses up to six separate colors. In addition, DLP projectors are filter free. Dust is everywhere: in schools , conference rooms, auditoriums and in your home. This can create problems for some projectors. Many projectors require filters to keep dust out. The innovative DLP chip enables a filter-free design for lower maintenance and operating costs. Here are some things about competitive projectors that you should think about: Filters can collect dust quickly which may affect projector performance. They need to be cleaned and replaced at regular intervals which can cost time any money. If filter maintenance is neglected additional operational expenses may be needed such as early lamp replacement or LCD panel replacement.

Home Theater at its Best
  • Superior Image and Video Quality(Using DLP Technology)
  • Vibrant Life-like Images & Videos(using BrilliantColor Technology from Texas Instruments)
  • High Native Contrast Ratio (for sharper and cleaner Text in bright rooms

    What’s in the Box
    Standard Accessories: AC Power Cord, Composite Video Cable, Remote Control, Batteries for Remote, Lens Cap, User’s Manual, Quick Start Card and Warranty Card.


    Customer Reviews

    "Some Glaring Performance Shortcomings" By J. Gibbons (Saint Louis, MO)

    Overall, I am satisfied with the performance vs. price of the Optoma HD20. For a budget setup, this model is a good choice. I anticipated some performance shortcomings at this price point, and they are fairly obvious. The picture is very clear ans bright for a budget projector, but it is not equivalent to my LCD or even DLP TV. That said, I am projecting at 120" and my other TV's are half that size.

    I purchased this unit for my first budget home theater, primarily for playing XBox 360 and watching movies. I paired the HD20 with the Elite M120XWH Manual Pull-down screen, also a budget choice, resulting in satisfying brightness in a room with little to no ambient light. I picked up some very nice black-out, thermal curtains for under $30 to darken the room. My HD20 is ceiling mounted with a Vantage Point CGUPM12-S (very nice mount) at about 9" above the screen, 14' of distance.

    I am quite disappointed with the motion blur, however. While I do understand that some blur should be expected to a degree, it renders some movie scenes unwatchable. The processor seems to choke on fast-moving HD content, rendering entire movie scenes into pixelated tornadoes of motion blur. The problem is most obvious on CGI-enhanced cinema, but I notice it quite frequently and am already considering upgrading to a projector with a better processor. Most of the HD movies that I watch are coming from AT&T U-Verse 1080i HD channels, which look fine on my other TV's. I do not expect a sub-$1000 projector to perform as well as a TV, but the shortcomings are disruptive to the viewing experience. Fast-paced sports do not fare well in 720p, either. The black levels are acceptable, but some movies, such as Dark Knight are flat at times.
    HD20 Projector
    For XBox games, the quality of the picture over HDMI connection is fair, but not great. There is obvious blur, even in still shots. I have tried to tweak settings and focus, but I have not been able to produce a satisfying picture at 120" viewing. My 55" DLP looks better when my other 360 is connected via component cables, unfortunately. I have tried swapping out the HDMI cable, resetting the 360 Elite's settings, and even forcing 1080p in native mode on both the projector and the 360, but nothing seems to resolve these issues. The picture is better than 480p, but the quality of the image is dissatisfying. These problems may be related to the nature of DLP projectors or this projector's processor--I have not tried an LCD projector for comparison.

    Overall, this is a good, relatively cheap projector with some image processing shortcomings.

    1) Great performance value
    2) Brightness level
    3) 1080p HDMI
    4) Excellent color output
    5) Intuitive menu for configuration and limited tweaking

    1) Weak image processing of HD content results in frequent motion blur and other oddities
    2) Not great for fast-motion content, such as sports viewing or XBox 360
    3) Very limited placement flexibility
    4) Applying the lens cap will move the focus wheel
    5) Remote backlight is blindingly bright around the buttons but it is difficult to read through the buttons in the dark


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